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Content Strategy that works and creates value.

Content is a paramount tool to achieve your goals. In the last four years, we have enabled Europe's finest media houses and businesses to choose the (best) strategy for success. Content Fleet shows you how to create content that transforms into any chosen value.




We create more than 15,000 articles and videos monthly

Our mission is to create content that pays off. A dedicated team of specialists is responsible for the creation of more than 15,000 articles, videos and images on a monthly basis. We are proud to provide Europe's finest publishers and brands with content that works perfectly.


Technology for Creation, Research and Monitoring.

The backbone of our day-to-day business is technology. It monitors and supports every aspect of our game and it helps us to constantly improve and ultimately reach our goals. You can benefit from our knowledge by licensing Content Fleet technology.


Case studies


Content Fleets back-end automatically monitored and delivered world cup news coverage while supplying insights and clippings.

Case study

The result of high-tech and tight workflows: fast development of organic reach for ProSieben channels.


+ 1M monthly Unique Users for the ePlus Group.

Case study

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